Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Basics (Anti Plasma Build)

So with the printing of Plasma Freeze everyone is nuts over this new plasma deck, and with good reason.  It hits hard, accelerates well, has good synergy, all the things you want in a good deck.  However, it has one flaw.  It just loses to Cobalion EX.  Lets take a look at the reason why.

1. Cobalion EX removes special energy - Team Plasma runs nothing but special energy.  There have been a few variants online that I have noticed that are running a 1 or 2 of electric energy to allow for Thunderous EX not to be completely shut down by a Cobalion EX, which I think is the right thing to do as well as it makes the deck way more playable vs this matchup.

2. Kyurem PF is weak to metal - So this guy is one of their harder hitters.  In previous versions of big basics this guy just destroys Landorus EX.  This is part of the reason that Big Basics is falling off the map, or in this case, evolving.  Cobalion EX just pounds on Kyurem removing its energy as well as tagging it for 60 each turn.  This is a massive problem for the plasma player.

3. Articuno EX is weak to metal - Not all variants are running this guy but the ones that are fall to the same issue as Kyurem PF.  With a 4 cost to attack, the energy loss plus 60 per turn is just killer.

4. Cobalion EX is not weak to water - Landorus EX just got murdered by the water weakness (not only in this matchup but the blastoise matchup where Cobalion also can be a super star).  This removes the catcher into 2 prizes that this deck just loves to do to big basics.

5. Cobalion EX is weak to fire - Who is playing fire right now?  No one,

6. Cobalion EX resists psychic - So Deoxys EX loses its plasma to the energy removal attack, and then does 30, resisted down to 10.  Seems good.  Even with plasma energy it does a whole 60 which reduces to 40, and then it loses its plasma.  Seems good.

So now we know Cobalion EX rocks vs the "New BDIF".  So what else is there in the new Big Basics that helps vs plasma (I am focusing mainly on this matchup as the regular Big Basics matchups vs the Meta are well documented on many other sites)

7. Landorus EX pounds on Thunderous EX -  Resistance vs his first attack paired with Thunderous EX being weak to fighting makes for a great matchup here even if you whiff on getting a Cobalion EX out early.

8. Garbodor (Garbotoxin) shuts down Deoxys EX and Lugia EX - Which leads for a lot less damage and cuts down on the extra prize stealing.

So with these changes what happens to big basics in general?

9. Cutting a Landorus EX weakens the Darkrai EX matchup - This guy goes to about a 50/50 which is fine.  This is probably one of the worst matchups outside Klingklang.

10. Klingklang matchup becomes harder - Though we have taken precutions to fix this issue.  One is cutting down on the original builds prism energies switching to a higher basic energy package and using Skyla/Energy Search to make sure we hit our energies.  Also we added a 1 of Reshiram BW to have a search target to snipe opposing Cobalions.

11 - Weak vs Old Big Basics - This matchup is pretty ugly, losing the Tornadus EX and Bouff (Gold Rush) makes this matchup pretty mean.  But as I said, this matchup shouldnt happen much after battle roads once people see how abysmal this matchup is vs Team Plasma.

12 - Strengthens Blastoise Matchup - Cobalion isnt weak to water, you have a front outside of MewTwo EX that can handle some damage and not give a free 2 prizes.  Still Garbodor (Garbotoxin)/Mewtwo EX lock is still the best way to beat this guy.

13 - Rayels Matchup is still a joke - Garbodor (Garbotoxin)/Landorus = Win.  This is by far the easiest matchup there is.

So what does the deck look like after all this?  I will post that in my next entry as this one has already gotten pretty long.

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