Monday, September 14, 2015

Im Baaaccckkk...

Ok so been out of the game a bit but getting back in and trying to compete for the 2016 season.  As most of the LC's and Regionals in the area are going to be expanded we will start with the expanded list that I am planning to run this season.  Surprise surprise, its a Big Basics list.

2x Landorus EX - BCR
2x Lucario EX - FFI
2x Lugia EX - AOR
2x Shaymin EX - ROS
2x Raichu - XY
2x Pikachu - XY
2x Trubbish - NVI
2x Garbodor - PLF

16 - Pokemon

4x Professor Juniper
4x N
1x Colress
1x Lysandre
2x Xerosic
2x Hex Maniac
3x Virbank City Gym
3x Hypnotoxic Laser
3x Muscle Band
2x Float Stone
2x Sparkling Robe
3x VS Seeker
3x Ultra Ball
1x Scoop Up Cyclone

34 - Trainers

4x DCE
3x Strong Energy
3x Fighting Energy

10 - Energy

Card Choices:

Landorus EX/Lucario EX - These are the base attackers, I like to have an attacker that I can stick with an energy and go with.  This helps in situations where energy removal comes into play.  These guys can both abuse the ability to attack with one energy with a band or strong energy for damage.  The reason for the 2/2 split is to avoid issues where the majority of the attackers have a similar weakness.  Also the draw power from Lucario comes in handy.

Lugia EX - This is the standard high energy revenge killer.  The second attack on it is very good as well.  Being able to band up and throw 170 and clear a stadium has came in handy in more games than I can count.  This is however weak to Electric which is an issue as more decks are sporting an Electric attacker to pick off shaymin.

Shaymin EX - Draw power.  Moving on.

Raichu - Electric attacker that can swing with a DCE.  This allows the DCE to be shared between Lugia/Raichu/Shaymin as needed.  These are used to pick off Shaymin as well as take care of things like Yvetal / M Ray.  120 with a band for 1 prize is not bad in general.

Garbodor/Float Stone - Because abilities.

Juniper/N/Colress - Standard Draw Supporters.

Lysander - Self explanitory

Xerosic - I run 2 of these because Girtania and Toad are really annoying and can be slowed down using these as they do not get locked and they run a small energy count.  This is also very good vs the likes of Vespiqueen and to remove float stones from Keldeo.  Also going second and getting head ringered off the bat can really slow you down so this is also an option to negate that from your main attacker.

Hex Maniac - Probably one of my favorite cards in the new set.  This comes in handy for when there is an item lock and you need to get the stone back on your Garbodor.  Plus just in general having the ability to slow down an ability deck is useful.

LaserBank/Muscle Band - Because damage.

Sparkling Robe - This is one of the cards people ask me about the most.  This is here for the Accelgor/Trevenat matchup.  It is very hard without it, with it you just bench a lugia with a robe toss on a DCE and just give them fits as you start killing trees.  It is also good vs laser heavy decks when you dont have a band attached.

VS Seeker/Ultra Ball - Utility

Scoop Up Cyclone - I use this mainly because it can be used to get stuff out of the way, full heal a mon that can usually just jump back in with a benched version of it getting its energy/tool back on it.  It also works well on bad draws with shaymin to get some more draw power, as well as get the shaymin off the board once you have drawn so it does not get picked off.  Very versatile.

Energy - I have gone with 4 DCE and a 3/3 split Strong/Basic.  With things like Girtania out there, you want to have some basics to be able to deal with the Special Energy lock.  Also this stops you from being pummeled by Hammers/Xerosic.

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